Minns: Liberal privatisation to blame for NSW’s largest debt in history


Opposition leader Chris Minns says the NSW government’s plan to privatise government assets to fund new infrastructure projects has left the state in its largest net debt in history.

Treasurer Matt Kean has said more public assets could be sold off to fund new infrastructure across the state.

However, Labor has introduced a private members bill to protect public assets from privatisation after the Coalition promised not to do at the last election.

“They went to the last election promising no more asset sales; the government’s already sold off $93 billion worth of government assets owned by the people of NSW,” the Labor leader told Sky News Australia.

“It’s a big reason why we’ve got the largest net debt in the state’s history because we don’t have those residual dividends that used to come into state coffers.

“At the end of the day, you’re talking about government-owned companies that distribute dividends to the government that pay for schools and hospitals, teachers and nurses.

“We’ve got a big problem with net debt in the state: even before COVID-19, the state was on track for the biggest debt in the state’s history, both in absolute terms and percentage terms so I think this has been a disaster presided over by Matt Kean.”

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