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The F1 star was transported to Paris last week for new secret treatment. He is has not been seen since suffering a traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident in Grenoble in 2013. But positive signs have been given after a nurse at the cardiology unit gave an update on his situation.

Schumacher was said to have received transfusions of inflamation reducing stem cells.

The former Ferrari driver was under tight supervision.

The hospital worker told Le Parisien: “Yes he is in my service. And I can assure you that he is conscious.”

This follows former F1  Ferrari leader Jean Todt revealing he had spent 45 minutes with Schumacher yesterday.

Mr Todt arrived to see his friend at 5.15pm and then “quietly left the hospital”, the French newspaper said. 

Surgeon Professsor Philippe Menasche welcomed Schumacher. The 69-year-old heart expert is well known for performing the world’s first embryonic cell transplant on a patient with heart failure.

Schumacher was said to have had a fresh health scare before he was taken to the Pompidou hospital for stem-cell treatment.

The F1 legend, who turned 50 in January, was taken to the hospital in a yellow and blue Geneva ambulance.

Schumacher has visited the hospital twice before by helicopter.

Schumacher was with his son Mick when he hit a rock while skiing. The blow ripped apart his helmet and left him with blood clots.

The driver’s illustrious career saw him win five of his seven world championships with Ferrari. He won the other two with Benneton

Thousand of fans have offered best wishes to the F1 star.

One wrote on Twitter: Very glad to hear Schumi’s news…I really hope a miracle happen… lets go.”

Another said: “Fingers crossed for Michael Schumacher. Hope his surgery goes well today. Can’t deny what a legend he is and hope he’s restored to full health.”

Another wrote: “I only want to hear what the family want to tell us.. Schumacher was a proud man & it’s no ones business.. I just hope there is hope for a meaningful recovery.”

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