Mercedes fined as Hamilton escapes penalty in stewards summons


Lewis Hamilton has escaped penalty in his Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 stewards summons, but Mercedes have been fined.

On Saturday, the seven-time World Champion was called to the stewards for a breach of Appendix L, Chapter III of the International Sporting Code.

This covers the wearing of jewellery in the car, and specifically Hamilton’s nose-piercing.

It was a contentious point earlier in the season as the FIA tried to enforce the rule permitting jewellery – it long being ignored.

Hamilton’s nose-piercing was in place on Saturday at Marina Bay – with the summons coming before Qualifying.

Hamilton escapes as Mercedes fined

In their decision issued after Qualifying – where Hamilton secured third – the stewards decided there would be no further action against the British driver.

This was because Hamilton had a doctor’s note advising him against removing the piercing “for the time being.”

Further credence was added by a medical practitioner, with FIA Deputy Medical Delegate Dr Ian Roberts happy with the reports.

However, Mercedes have been fined €25,000 for failure to ensure their self-scrutiny form for Hamilton’s car was filled in correctly.

The form said that Hamilton did not have the piercing in place, with Mercedes unaware that Hamilton in fact did have it.

Although this was “unintentional”, the stewards still fined Mercedes the sum and said simple enquiry could have been made to check with the 103-time Grand Prix winner could have been made before submitting the form.

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