Melania Trump’s ‘eye roll’ at Donald cancels her ‘polite smile’ – expert says


“Pass a neighbour you dislike in the street and you will probably still retain any social smile you performed for several moments after walking past to allow it to die after what will feel like a natural time as we don’t even like to appear two-faced to ourselves, when no-one else is looking,” she continued. 

“Melania used this look so much in public despite voicing her love and loyalty for her husband that it could be an unconscious trait rather than a public signal of exasperation or dislike. 

“Maybe the pitch-perfect smile is an effort for her if she still feels inner shyness or awkwardness and it becomes difficult to sustain for more than a second or so.

“The fact she is still with Donald when so many commentators claimed she would be straight off to the divorce lawyers once they quit the White House would suggest this is some kind of body language blip rather than an open display of hostility or disapproval.” 

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