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President Donald Trump appeared to forget Melania Trump as he went to board his helicopter without her by his side. The astonishing moment saw the US President walk ahead of his the First Lady, before realising she wasn’t by his side. Viewers watching on were shocked by the fact that the US leader nearly boarded the Marine One helicopter without his own wife.

A video, posted by Fox 10 Phoenix, shows Donald Trump walking toward the helicopter alone before suddenly stopping.

He then appears to remember, as he looks around and waits for her on the lawn of the White House.

Video footage showed the First Lady running across the lawn in her heeled boots, as President Trump waited for her to catch up.

After Melania finally caught up, the pair exchanged a few words before they both boarded the helicopter.

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The Fox footage was titled “Forgetting Melania? Did President Trump Forget About Melania Trump?”

Viewers were split on the video, with many claiming that Mr Trump went ahead because Melania was late.

One said: “Obviously not. He waited for her like a good husband and she showed him affection as appreciation!”

Another added: “No he didn’t forget his wife. Maybe she had something to do and he went ahead she was not that far behind him.”

Earlier this morning, President Trump sparked alarm during a press conference in London after he branded Emmanuel Macron “very insulting”.

He accused the French President of being “nasty” for saying Nato was “brain dead”.

Last month, Mr Macron had complained that Nato members were no longer co-operating on key issues.

President Trump and his wife are set to be hosted at Buckingham Palace for a royal reception later today.

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