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Speculation is high over whether former US President Donald Trump will run again in 2024 following his defeat to Joe Biden last year. But former first lady Mrs Trump reportedly has no interest in returning to the White House.

A source who had a close relationship with her when she was First Lady told CNN: “Being First Lady again is not what she wants.

“For her, it was a chapter — and it’s over, and that’s that.”

Another insider added that if Mr Trump does run for president again his wife will not attend rallies.

The source claimed Lara Trump, who is married to Mr Trump’s son Eric, or Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is the girlfriend of Mr Trump’s son Don, would instead attend campaign events.

The source, hinting at Mr Trump’s election plans, said: “You’re not going to see her at rallies or campaign events, even if he ‘officially’ says he’s running again.

“Instead it’s going to be Lara or Guilfoyle.

“They have that same urge Trump has to [run] again; Melania absolutely does not.”

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“We know she’s an extremely private person and that being in the public eye wasn’t necessarily something she wanted to do in the first place.

“She’s retreated now back to Mar-a-Lago, being a mum, et cetera.

“And she really has no interest in helping her husband with his next step political ambitions.”

Asked if Mr Trump would consult his wife before announcing he is running, Ms Bennett added: “People are of the misconception that this is a couple that doesn’t spend time together, they don’t talk, it’s really not true.

“They have very independent lives but they do consult one another.

“However in 2016 when she was asked to do events, asked to go on campaign events and rallies, the answer was no so often that people on Trump’s campaign just stopped asking her because it was always going to be a no.

“And we’ll see that again this time around.”

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