Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t like being single’, astrologer claims


According to a prominent astrologer, will “bounce back bigger and brighter” after leaving her podcast.

The “devoted” Duchess of Sussex’s upcoming professional intentions have been discussed by psychic Inbaal Honigman on behalf of Spin Genie.

Ms Honigman claimed: “Meghan’s astrological chart provides many fascinating insights into her personality and life. She is a heady mix of determination and calm.

“The retired royal is both fiery and caring and has a great balance of the four classical elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Her Sun sign is

“This makes her a strong and fiery person, who stands on her own two feet. Leos are confident in themselves and also enjoy helping others find their inner strength. Meghan’s trademark determination is down to this Sun placement.

“Her Moon sign is The Moon points to her feminine qualities, and Libra is about balance, which is why she loves being part of a couple.

“Libra moons love making decisions jointly with others and weighing up different options. She’s a communicative partner who listens as well as talks.

“She doesn’t like being single and would move from one committed relationship to the next. Her ascendant, which is determined by her time and place of birth, and is sometimes referred to as the rising sign, is

“Those with Cancer rising are loving and welcoming, and very devoted to their family. Meghan’s joy in being a mother is thanks to her Cancer ascendant.”

Ms Honigman commented: “Her 42nd birthday was on August 4 at a time when the planet Venus, which rules love and the home, happened to be in retrograde.

“A retrograde is a time when a planet goes against its natural inclination, and during Venus in retrograde, this could be an uneasy time for love.

“Many people would feel destabilised in love during the month of August, because of Venus retrograde, especially Librans and Taureans, like her son Archie, who are ruled by the planet Venus.

“This Venus retrograde also hits Leos stronger, because the planet Venus happens to be in the sign of Leo for the entirety of the retrograde. This means that Leos, like Meghan, could experience a few romantic misunderstandings. This uneasy time around love lasts until September 3, 2023.”

Ms Honigman opined: “Meghan’s lost deal with Spotify is of no consequence in the greater scheme of things. Due to the actress’s Jupiter sign, she will soon replace it with a similar or a better deal.

“The planet Jupiter rules luck and wealth, and in Meghan’s chart, Jupiter is in balanced Libra. Her finances always balance out, if one income goes, another arrives.

“On Meghan’s birthday, Jupiter happens to be in Taurus, a sign that loves the finer things in life. Not only does this show that she’ll be financially secure, but it also indicates that many of her expenses will be covered by others, so sponsorship deals or an upmarket new talent agency will ensure that she doesn’t have to pay for a lot of luxury, while living extremely well.

“We can expect to see her in commercials and collaborating with large manufacturers. The time of her 2023 birthday isn’t without its challenges, but Duchess Meghan will bounce back bigger and brighter, as she always does. Her astrological chart indicates that her indefatigable spirit burns on, and she won’t be kept down.”

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