McLaren warns Norris, Piastri over ‘unacceptable’ contact


McLaren Team Principal Andrea Stella has warned his drivers over their racing conduct going forward after they made contact at the Italian Grand Prix.

Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri touched wheels midway through the race while the latter was rejoining the circuit after his pit-stop.

Both drivers managed to escape damage, however, the incident didn’t go down well inside the McLaren camp.

“There should never, ever be contact between two McLaren cars,” Stella told media including RacingNews365.

“There was contact which doesn’t fit the way we go racing at McLaren. You just review things like you do with anything that is technical, operational or racing.

“What is important is to have a clear perimeter as to what you deem acceptable and what you deem unacceptable.

“It’s not an emotional thing, because just like you do with other things, you deal with racing in a similar way.

“And this is very clear that for any driver, there’s something bigger than them – it’s the team.”

Piastri pushing to stay ahead of Norris?

Piastri was running ahead of Norris on the track before both drivers made their pit-stops.

Norris complained over team radio that he had more pace than Piastri while they both followed the Williams of Alexander Albon.

Despite being the trailing car within the team, Norris was called into the pit-lane first as McLaren asserted that he was more at risk of an undercut.

Norris, in turn, managed to get ahead of Piastri when the latter pitted on the next lap.

When it was suggested to Stella that the contact between the pair was due to Piastri pushing to ensure he stayed ahead, the Italian clarified that this shouldn’t be the case.

“If the contact is due to the fact that there was pressure because of the undercut then we have something to review,” he said.

“Because it means we put drivers put the team at risk because of affirming themselves. This is not acceptable.”

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