Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert explains how to get up to £280 for working from home | Personal Finance | Finance


“Simply go onto the micro-service and get £6 per week, as long as you’re happy to declare you’ve had extra expenses on the back of it.

“Now, £6 per week equates to a gain of £1.20 per week for a basic 20 percent taxpayer. If it would’ve been taxed at 40 percent, there’s a gain of £2.40 per week. If you’re the top 45 percent top payer, there’s a gain of £2.70 per week.

“Macro that over the year, it’s £62 for a basic rate taxpayer, £124 for a higher rate taxpayer.”

However, the Money Saving Expert said it was important to bear in mind potential changes to HMRC documentation.

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