Marko: Red Bull are winning at tracks that favour Ferrari


Helmut Marko is optimistic that four wins on the bounce for Red Bull could become six as F1 prepares for races in Azerbaijan and Canada.

The 79-year-old has seen his drivers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, lead the team to wins in Italy, Miami, Spain and Monaco in recent weeks with Verstappen returning to the top of the Drivers’ Championship.

The run has included wins at circuits where Ferrari appeared to have the quickest car, such as in Monaco where Perez snatched an unexpected victory.

Marko: We’re happy about that

Marko admits both Ferrari and Red Bull are close with the answer to who has the faster car often depending on the track. But wins at Ferrari-favouring circuits are a big triumph for Red Bull.

“We have circuits where we are the stronger side, but also some where Ferrari is strongest,” said Marko, speaking to

“Thank god, at the two circuits where Ferrari generally had the strongest car, in Barcelona and Monaco, we were able to win. We’re happy about that.”

Red Bull top speed will ‘come to the rescue’

But now the team are ready to head to tracks at which their simulations tell them will favour Red Bull over Ferrari.

Marko said: “We are also optimistic towards Baku and Montreal, where the straights are longer again and our top speed comes to the rescue.

“We are about level with Ferrari, so the form of the day, the set-up, the tyre wear and keeping the tyres in the ideal working window for a long time, will be crucial.”

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