Magnussen would like more opportunities to “challenge” front runners


Kevin Magnussen says that he would like more opportunities in future Formula 1 races to show he can handle the pressure against front runners Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

The Dane said he “likes the challenge” of racing against Hamilton, after fending him off during the Austrian Grand Prix Sprint Race with teammate Mick Schumacher to enable a top ten start for Haas.

“I like the challenge of racing against Hamilton, Verstappen or Charles Leclerc because I think I can handle that,” he told media, including

“It’s just that I probably never get a chance to prove to myself whether I can do it or not.

“I don’t think there are many drivers who are better than Max or Lewis. But there are drivers who are at their level and I would like to find out to see if I am right at their level.”

Magnussen praises Verstappen: “He’s on a different level”

Magnussen has praised the work by Max Verstappen so far this season, following the Dutchman’s five race wins in a row.

The run of victories add to Verstappen’s total of 11 race wins out of 16 so far this season.

The Haas driver thinks Verstappen is going to be hard to challenge in the remaining races, particularly as he looks to seal the Drivers’ Championship in the next couple.

“The combination of Max and his car are on a different level. I don’t think anyone can do what he’s doing at the moment [and] it shows.”

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