Madden is teasing something related to Spongebob for some reason


2021 just started and it’s already getting really weird. The official Madden Twitter account is teasing something Spongebob related for Thursday, January 7th. We really only have two possible ideas for what this could be.

A few years ago, Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg passed away. It was incredibly tragic but fans thought a great tribute would be to play an iconic Spongebob song at the 2019 Super Bowl. This didn’t really happen, Spongebob did briefly appear but it was anti-climactic. It’s entirely possible that the song, Sweet Victory, could appear in Madden 21 but it would be a bit late.

The other possibility revolves around something happening with the NFL on January 10th. Nickelodeon will be hosting an “NFL Wild Card game” which will also be used to promote the Spongebob prequel series, Camp Coral. The series will focus on the sponge when he’s a kid at a sleepaway camp with Patrick, Sandy, and more. The game will also have slime canons when touchdowns are scored amongst other fun Nickelodeon themed surprises.

“Our game plan is to make sure the NFL Wild Card Game on Nickelodeon definitely lives up to its name by infusing the telecast with Nick’s sensibility of surprise and fun at almost every turn,” said Brian Robbins, President of ViacomCBS Kids & Family Entertainment. “We’re incredibly proud to team up with CBS Sports and the NFL to elevate the thrill of this game for kids and families to enjoy together.”

We really have no idea what else this teaser could lead to. It’s super odd but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more!

Madden 21 is out now on Xbox One, Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC. We gave the game a 6.5, criticizing it for feeling like the least innovative entry in the series in years.

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