Lloyds Bank issues warning on scam which may cause ‘serious harm’ to your phone | Personal Finance | Finance


Scams are unfortunately rife, and Britons will need to be aware of these to protect themselves. Lloyds Bank is also issuing guidance to help individuals, and the latest note involves smartphone users. 

The scam specifically targets anyone who has an Android device such as Samsung, OnePlus and Google Pixel.

These devices come with Google Play, which helps people to download applications on their phone which are needed for day to day use.

Sadly, fraudsters are putting apps with hidden viruses on Google Play, and this can be any kind of app.

This can include apps for QR codes, which many people use frequently.

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Individuals can also report a crime or get general advice from the national crime reporting service, Action Fraud. 

The bank states: “Scams come in all shapes and sizes, from dodgy emails to fake sites.

“They keep changing to try and trick you. Stay one step ahead by learning about the latest scams.”

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