Liverpool news: Jurgen Klopp has changed his opinion on Sergio Ramos after 2018 final | Football | Sport


“This has nothing to do with 2018 but when I got the draw because it was the first time that we played Real Madrid since then of course I remembered the game.

“I said after that game that if somebody asked in a press conference a week later or a month later if I would invite Sergio Ramos to my 60th birthday I would have said no.

“Meanwhile, I would think about it again. It’s not because he’s a great footballer.

“Of course I said that I didn’t like what happened that night. It was for us a strange night but it was long ago and I cannot get that anger back so I don’t even try.

“What I try is to prepare my team for tomorrow to show how good we are as a football team in a strange season and a difficult season.

“If we are better than Real Madrid or score more goals then we go through to the next round. If not, then Real Madrid. That’s pretty easy.”

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