Liverpool given Bellingham transfer blow for next summer despite ‘impossible’ admission | Football | Sport


“I think he’s even sitting there like without being too arrogant but thinking ‘I’ve probably outgrown Borussia Dortmund already’,” Ferdinand told BT Sport. “I think he’ll be sitting there saying that with all due respect. Thinking I’m a year behind when I should’ve left because he’s got that self-belief that you need to take you to them heights.

“It’s more interesting to work out what type of player he is and what type of player you’d get in an England shirt where I’m sure he’ll play in the summer. He’s combative, both sides of the game, aggressive, he’s a swiss army knife, he does everything. Great player.

“When he played against City, one of the telling factors was the interview that Pep [Guardiola] did and he couldn’t believe at his age how he carried himself, spoke to other players, his team-mates who are more experienced than him. That shows his character.”

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