King Charles II will modernise Buckingham Palace’s gardens


That’s a garden King Charles has spent over 35 years transforming, all organically, into what it is today, welcoming in excess of around 40,000 visitors every year. Methods employed here are traditional, but tech is embraced making many jobs quicker and easier – modern battery-powered tools, for example, make tasks a little bit simpler or control irrigation from an app on a smartphone.

When it comes to efficiency, I have it on good authority that Charles is one to embrace tech and modern methods combined with the traditional, so long as it achieves the garden he wants. If he does have designs on Buckingham Palace’s gardens, I wonder if his new role will allow him time to get out there himself. At Highgrove, you may well see areas he has planted or pruned personally, such is his passion for horticulture.

Buckingham Palace’s gardens help with conservation efforts and the preservation of plant varieties that could otherwise be lost to cultivation. It is home to the National Plant Collection of Mulberries for example.

In fact, over its 42 acres, there are over 1,000 trees, 325 specimens of wild plants and 35 different bird species including some not usually found in London.

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