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Leonard has already achieved history with the Toronto Raptors in leading them to their first NBA Finals.

But the Canadian franchise aren’t done there as they’re aiming to overcome the defending champions in the Golden State Warriors to win their maiden NBA title.

All focus right now will be on the NBA Finals, but with the free agency market opening up in just a month’s time attention is also on where Leonard will be playing his basketball next season.

The Raptors can offer the 27-year-old a bigger contract than any other team, but reports have suggested he wants a move back home to Los Angeles.

The Clippers have been strongly linked with making a move for Leonard, while the Lakers made their interest known last summer when they tried trading for him.

But according to Cris Carter, who has close ties with Leonard’s inner circle, believes the Lakers are his best option.

And he has a strong feeling about where Leonard will end up, but isn’t willing to divulge that information just yet.

“If you go to the Knicks, with him and KD, that’s a special team,” he said on First Things First.

“If you go to the Lakers, with him and LeBron, it’s a special team and they don’t have to get rid of the young players.

“I think the Lakers are the best team on paper if he goes there.

“But Toronto fans, Knicks fans, Clippers fans, Lakers fans – Kawhi Leonard is a different dude.

“This dude just dropped brand Jordan for New Balance.

“Have we ever had a player do that? No.

“So to think we know what he’s going to do beforehand if you’re outside that circle, then you’re just guessing.

“I do have a feeling where Kawhi is going to go, I think it’s been fairly, fairly consistent, but I’m not at liberty and I don’t want uncle Dennis and the agent calling me.

“But I do have a feeling where Kawhi is going to end up.”

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