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CBS Sports presenter Kate Abdo has provided the perfect on-air riposte to Jamie Carragher after the former Liverpool defender’s toe-curling joke about her boyfriend. Carragher had quipped that Abdo was ‘not loyal’ to partner Malik Scott after Arsenal’s Champions League victory over Porto on Tuesday.

Returning to presenting duties alongside Carragher, Thierry Henry and Micah Richards for Wednesday’s European action, Abdo provided a brilliant monologue to break the ice. Going through each of her three pundits, the Manchester-born television anchor referred to them as her ‘family’.

Beginning with Arsenal icon Henry, she said: “This group, we have been together for three-and-a-half years, is it? I grew up with a brother and doing this show, I feel like I have gained three more here.

“Let me introduce you to the group again: Thierry Henry. Of course, the golden child. He can do no wrong. Always says the right thing and sets the example for the rest of us. Can he be intimidating? Yes he can. But he’s the big brother who we all look up to and all aspire to.”

“Amen to that,” Henry interjected.

Abdo then turned to Carragher and referenced their awkward exchange 24 hours earlier. She suggested that the ex-defender had apologised for his comments.

“Then there is the middle child,” Abdo continued before jokingly dressing down the 46-year-old. “Jamie Carragher. A chip on his shoulder. He’s capable of saying anything for attention. Does he go too far sometimes? Absolutely. Does he apologise? Yes he does.

“But all of us have that one annoying family member who we still love… and accept.”

Abdo moved on to former Manchester City defender Richards and added: “And then there’s little bro. Loud but loveable. Micah Richards, easy to pick on but impossible not to love. And everybody’s favourite.”

Abdo concluded her introduction by saying: “Like all good families, we stick together. Good to be with you all. Another day, another show.”

Carragher faced criticism for comments he made on-air on Tuesday about Abdo’s relationship with boyfriend Malik. The four CBS Sports stars were sharing around an Arsenal shirt after the Gunners’ penalty shootout victory over Porto, with Carragher suggesting that Abdo should wear the jersey.

Abdo declined and said that she was “loyal”, to which Carragher responded: “To who?”

As Abdo told him she was loyal to Manchester United, Carragher interrupted and shouted: “Not to Malik!” In a cringe moment, Abdo awkwardly responded: “What? How can you even say that?”

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