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**WARNING: This article contains Joker spoilers.**

Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, closes with Gotham descending into chaos and the Joker being revered by those rising up against the rich and powerful.

Speculation has been rife that the events of the movie aren’t in fact real, with some noting how Joker, as he’s being borne away from shooting talk show host Murray Franklin (played by Robert Di Niro) miraculously survives a serious car crash when an ambulance, driven by rioters, ploughs into the police car.

In the film, viewers then watch as he is lifted out of the back of the vehicle by those who were driving the ambulance to be laid on the hood of the car and cheered by the growing crowd as he rises to his feet to receive their praise.

It comes to a close with Joker apparently back in an asylum being interviewed by a therapist.

The final scene shows him walking down the hallway away from the white room, leaving blood-soaked footprints in his wake before leading a member of hospital staff on a chase as he runs back and forth at the end of the corridor, looking to be trying to escape.

One fan has theorised that, while many have speculated the whole movie was in Joker’s head, it is actually simply yet to happen.

“In the Joker, there is a lot of speculation that ‘it was all a dream’ because at the end, he chuckles to himself, and there is confusion on how he survived the car crash,” maxaroni_and_cheese posted on Reddit. “I believe he laughed at the end because he planned it all out.

“The Joker is incredibly intelligent in most iterations, but this one is not,” they continued.

“So what if that was an act, and this is what he plans before leaving the hospital?

“He bangs his head against the door in the beginning, when talking to his first therapist, who bears a striking resemblance to the one at the end of the movie,” the Reddit user pointed out.

“What if he was there, in the asylum, the whole time, and it was told out of order?”

The fan theorised that the Joker escapes the asylum at the end of the film and that the events leading up to this chronologically in the movie were what he had planned during his time locked up, which go on to come to fruition after his breakout.

“He was just sitting there, biding his time, waiting for everything to come together,” they said.

“Instead the movie goes: asylum scenes, everything else, ending, but it leaves out his planning.

“It isn’t what many theorize, which is that it never happened, it’s that it hasn’t happened yet,” they added. “He is actually running through different scenarios in his head, those aren’t schizophrenic hallucinations.”

The Reddit user also explained how the rare occasions in the film where his neighbour Sophie Dumond (Zadie Beetz) or Murray are nice to him could be the Joker accounting for the possibility of human kindness.

“With Sophie and Murray, those are just ideas of how maybe people could be nice, trying to give the benefit of the doubt, but he has a contingency plan for the cruelty of other people,” they said.

In the final scene in the asylum, the Joker begins to chuckle while handcuffed in the white interview room, prompting the therapist to ask what he’s laughing at.

When he says he was thinking off a joke, she asks what it was, to which he replied: “You wouldn’t get it.”

“So the joke at the end, is that he planned it [all the events in the movie], but it was believed to be an accident,” the Reddit user concluded.

Joker is in cinemas now.

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