JoJo Siwa Says Tyler Cameron Could Be Her Best Man at Future Wedding


JoJo Siwa Says Tyler Cameron Will ‘Probably’ Be The Best Man at Her Future Wedding

JoJo Siwa and Tyler Cameron.
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JoJo Siwa wants pal Tyler Cameron to be by her side at her major life milestones.

“He’ll be probably the best man at my wedding,” Siwa, 20, told Bustle in an interview on November 9. “The best part about being gay is you can have the best man and a maid of honor.”

The unexpected friendship formed earlier this year when the pair joined season 2 of Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test alongside celebrities like Bachelor’s Nick Viall and Vanderpump RulesTom Sandoval. (The Fox reality show takes a group of celebrities on training exercises in the mountains of New Zealand and is led by ex-special forces operatives.)

Siwa shared with the outlet that she is not interested in the Bachelorette alum, 30, despite thinking he is “hot.”

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“I tell my friend Tyler Cameron all the time, I’m like, ‘I’m the only girl in America that would not want to be with you,’” she said.

In 2021, Siwa revealed that she identifies as pansexual, meaning she’s attracted to people regardless of their gender. Recently, however, she said she has been referring to herself as “gay.”

JoJo Siwa Says Tyler Cameron Will ‘Probably’ Be The Best Man at Her Future Wedding

Tyler Cameron, JoJo Siwa and Nick Viall.
Courtesy of JoJo Siwa/Instagram

“Actually, I find myself being able to admire men in a ‘I think that man’s really hot’ way,” she shared. “But my women’s standards are a lot harder. I think all women are beautiful, but for me to actually have a crush on them takes way more.”

Cameron, for his part, thinks of Siwa as family after their experience together while filming Special Forces.

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“Now, I almost look at JoJo as my little sister,” he told In The Know in October. “I look out for her, and I want to protect her as much as I can. She was so important to everyone’s success on the show. She was a big leader, and she’s the youngest one there. She was the baby! That girl’s amazing, and she’s going to be a dear friend for a long time.”

In August, Siwa gushed about her bond with Cameron and Viall, 43, when the trio reunited at a Zach Bryan concert.

“The band is back together!!? If someone told me a year ago that these 2 boys would become such a massive part of my life I would’ve never believed you,” she wrote via Instagram at the time.

She continued: “Special Forces brought us together just a few months ago and mannnn am I grateful?. for these 2 AND for the rest of the chosen family gained from forces, a bond that will last for life!!?????????.”

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