John Lewis shares teaser of new Christmas advert – which will be released tomorrow


John Lewis has shared a teaser clip of their highly-anticipated Christmas advert, which is set to be released on Thursday 4 November.

The retailer’s 2021 advert teaser shows a young boy travelling on a train as he witnesses a red light falling from the sky.

The screen then goes black as the words “Christmas is landing” appear on the screen, followed by the date 4 Novmber 20201, when the full ad will be released.

As John Lewis posted the exciting teaser clip of their festive advert on their Twitter page, they wrote: “Keep an eye on the skies, an #UnexpectedGuest is landing at 8am” followed by the eyes emoji.

John Lewis releases Christmas advert 2021 teaser clip
John Lewis releases Christmas advert 2021 teaser clip
(Image: Twitter)

Fans won’t have to wait long to watch the full festive video, as it will be released at 8am on Thursday 4 November.

But, they have already shared their excitement over the ad, which for many signals the beginning of the Christmas period.

One exclaimed: “It’s Christmas!!! Can’t wait”. While another added: “It’s happeniiiiiiiing!!!”

A third admitted: “Oh my I’m not ready.”

The full advert will be available to watch on Thursday 4 November
The full advert will be available to watch on Thursday 4 November
(Image: Twitter)

It comes after people in Newcastle and London’s South Bank think they spotted a clue about the upcoming Christmas ad on the streets.

Curiosity amongst locals in Newcastle was sparked as they spotted what appeared to be a crashed spaceship outside Fenwick on Northumberland street.

Meanwhile, a similar looking aircraft appeared to have crash landed on London’s Southbank, too. And, next to the UFO which was buried underneath parts of broken pavement and rubble was a sign which had the same messaging as the advert’s teaser.

Last year's ad focussed on random acts of kindness
Last year’s ad focussed on random acts of kindness
(Image: John Lewis)

The department store hinted they were responsible for the spectacles as they re-tweeted a tweet of several photos of the unidentified objects and added an eyes emoji.

Last year, the advert was a montage video celebrated random acts of kindness, inspired by the goodwill shown by the public during the pandemic.

The advert, titled Give A Little Love, boasted a song performed by BRIT Award winner Celeste and made especially for the ad.

It used different types of animation to show characters from different walks of life performing acts of kindness to strangers – from getting a ball from a tree to rebuilding a melting snowman.

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