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Taiwanese Member of Parliament Wang Ting-yu has unpicked US President Joe Biden’s strategy for protecting Taiwan from China’s attempts to annex the island nation. The US President’s pledge to stand by the Taiwan military came at a CNN Town Hall in Baltimore on October 22. Despite later attempts by White House staffers to row back on Mr Biden’s words, the vow marked a change from the long-running US policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’ concerning the Taiwan issue. 

Mr Wang Ting-yu told “[There is something new in Biden’s speech.

“Now when his quick answer yes, that’s our commitment to Taiwan we appreciate that.

“But we know we know what’s going on clearly, too to Taiwan if you live in Taiwan…you will see nothing change, our stock markets perform good, our daily life goes normal, and no one wants to emigrate to another country because we know we know this is our home we can move anywhere.

“However, the strategic ambiguity that [our] allies led by the United States…they using strategy ambiguity to deal with the situation in this region.

He continued: “However, we are all aware of China’s danger…cannot make them too confident to make mistakes.

“So according to Biden’s words, and their State Department’s statement, you can notice something has been slightly changed.

“They still take strategy ambiguity in political issue…one-China Policy…they use in the old statement to deal with or to reduce Beijing’s pressure.

“However, they are taking strategy clear to regional security, especially military issues here.

Wang Ting-yu has vowed his country is prepared to fend off an attack from the People’s Republic of China in the event Beijing miscalculates and triggers an all-out war between the sides.

He told “China wants to swallow up Taiwan if they could, so, since 2013, China tried to increase the integration of the air force, navy, their capability, they invest a lot of budget in their Air Force and the Navy.

“So since then they are using their air fighters, bombers, their vessels to harass Taiwan more aggressively, so, to Taiwan, the Chinese Communist threat is kind of daily life.

“However, we understand that China they gain their capability day after day so we need to be cautious, we need to watch their moves closely.”

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