Joe Biden signs $1 trillion US infrastructure bill


U.S. President Joe Biden signed his $1 trillion US infrastructure deal into law Monday on the White House lawn, hailing it as an example of what bipartisanship can achieve.

The president hopes to use the law to build back his popularity, and says it will deliver jobs, clean water, high-speed internet and a clean energy future.

Support for Biden has taken a hit amid rising inflation and the inability to fully shake the public health and economic risks from COVID-19.

A smattering of Republican lawmakers were on hand for what might be one of the last celebratory displays of bipartisanship ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

WATCH | U.S. President Joe Biden promises to find ways to lower inflation:

U.S. inflation hits 30-year high

The inflation rate in the U.S. has hit a 30-year high with the price of essential goods such as food and gas up 6.2 per cent compared to last year. President Joe Biden, who is slumping in the polls, has promised to find ways to get it down and keep store shelves stocked for the holidays. 2:03

“My message to the American people is this: America is moving again and your life is going to change for the better,” Biden said.

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