Joan Laporta reacts to Man Utd icon Gary Neville telling Frenkie de Jong to sue Barcelona | Football | Sport


“To me, the players we have signed this summer are investments not expenses. And our existing players understand this perfectly. The new signings adjust their salaries to the new structure that we have created and all we ask is the current squad, where possible, do the same.

“People outside the club don’t have all the information. We have to act this way or the club will probably disappear. We are not risking the club. On the contrary. I love Barcelona. So you can imagine, I don’t take any decisions that risk the future of the club and our 122 years of history. 

“It will be very difficult for anyone to damage the club with me as president because I am here to protect Barcelona. We have been so brave during difficult times and I know the fans believe in us. I feel the confidence and trust of the fans and what I want to do is bring back the splendorous times from my first period as president.”

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