Jamie Carragher’s blunt transfer prediction rings true as Liverpool ace heads for exit | Football | Sport


But Minamino hasn’t even been able to establish himself as the Reds first-choice back-up, as he’s been outdone in the ‘star substitute’ role by Divock Origi, who has etched his name into Reds folklore with some seismic goals over the past few years – even though he has consistently played second fiddle to Liverpool’s all-star cast.

However, Liverpool have progressed so rapidly under Klopp over the past couple of years that even Origi – who is adored by Reds fans – has been outgrown.

Liverpool and Manchester City are now in a league of their own at the top of the Premier League, and as a result, the calibre of player required to star for them has risen significantly. Unfortunately for Minamino, he just never quite seemed to measure up.

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