Jamie Carragher gets last laugh as Gary Neville left with egg on face for Liverpool tweets | Football | Sport


He tweeted an infamous picture of him and Neville in the Sky Sports studio. The camera shows Carragher in the foreground, mocking Neville who sits despondent in the background.

Neville tweeted a self-deprecating picture soon after. The former England man posted an image of him looking weary with his wine glass against his face.

Meanwhile, Carragher continued to mock Neville. The 44-year-old tweeted an old picture of Neville looking at his phone with the caption: “@GNev2 checking his timeline.”

After the victory, Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk said: “First half, obviously we should forget as soon as possible! Aggression, on the ball we weren’t good enough, obviously the early goal doesn’t help us but helps them massively.

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