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In a recent briefing to journalists, Col Elad Goren, representing the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (Cogat) in Israel, emphatically stated that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, despite ongoing concerns from international observers. Col Goren’s comments come at a time when the humanitarian situation in Gaza has been a topic of significant global attention.

He said: “I can say clearly that we are not remotely close to approaching the minimum levels that we are obligated under international law.”

Regarding food supplies, Col Goren assured that there are sufficient provisions within Gaza to last for weeks to come. This assertion may quell fears of an imminent food shortage in the region.

While acknowledging that the water supply in Gaza has not yet returned to pre-war levels, he stressed that it remains adequate to meet essential humanitarian needs. Israel has been actively supplying water through two dedicated lines, delivering 28 million litres per day, he said.

“Twenty-eight million litres for a population of 1.6 million, it’s more than enough,” Col Goren claimed, referring to the current estimated population of the southern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli official also provided assurance about the availability of medical supplies in Gaza, claiming that they are currently sufficient to meet the needs of the population. He added that critical facilities, including hospitals, continue to have access to power, with some relying on solar panels for electricity.

When asked about the existence of safe areas in the southern Gaza Strip, Col Goren pointed to al-Mawasi as the only location that could be considered genuinely safe. Al-Mawasi, situated west of Khan Younis, has been designated as a secure area for civilians seeking humanitarian assistance. In other parts of the southern region, security remains a concern, given Israel‘s stance on targeting Hamas operatives.

“Wherever Hamas will be, we will attack them,” Col Goren stated unequivocally, reiterating Israel‘s position on the matter.

While Israel insists that the region is not facing a humanitarian crisis, international organisations and other stakeholders have been calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Western leaders have also urged Israel to allow for a “humanitarian pause” to the conflict.


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