IR35: Changes set to go ahead but self-employed express ‘regret’ | Personal Finance | Finance


“However, it’s important to note that small businesses are exempt from the changes, and if a contractor works for one, the contractor would still be responsible for working out their own employment status.”

The Treasury has not yet responded to calls for the IR35 changes to be delayed.

It is expected, though, such reforms could rake in a £2.9billion boost to the coffers of the Government.

Amid the ongoing cost of the pandemic, this could be particularly useful to help claw back high levels of spending.

Finally, David Hedges, Head of Employment Taxes at Azets, offered his insight into the changes.

Mr Hedges said that although IR35 changes may be disappointing to some, there could potentially be a glimmer of hope in the Government’s future approach to the matter.

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