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The famous couple who purchased the home back in 2016 reportedly snapped the impressive home up for £6.5million.

However, after the improvements made by the couple, the property boasts a sauna, plunge pool, football pitch, and a swimming pool, thought to now be worth a whopping £12million.

In the new documentary, viewers were given a sneak peek into the huge home, which is designed with neutral and earthy colours throughout.

In one clip, David can be seen showing viewers his wardrobe while he explained: “It’s all quite organised, jackets, jean shirts, shirts and then it goes jumpers, cardis to T-shirts, underwear, socks and then suits.”

He explained how he sorts his jumpers by colour coordination and plans his outfits up to a week in advance so he knows what he is wearing.

In a later clip, viewers got to see their rustic Cotswolds kitchen which boasts dark blue cupboards and a huge kitchen island as well as its very own pizza oven with a pile of firewood ready to be used.

Shelving units on the wall held cups and mugs, while a display cabinet held other pieces of crockery.

Huge wooden boards were also hung up on the exposed brickwork, perfect for serving their homemade pizza on.

Large doors in the kitchen open out onto the pristine lawn where David keeps his bees and produces his own honey.

Their outdoor space features a pergola, and an orchard, completed with a plunge pool, tennis court, swimming pool and a football pitch.

Clips also show the family cooking and dancing in their BBQ tent which has a 12-seat table alongside a huge BBQ grill.

The home is located in the posh village of Great Tew, close to Chipping Norton and not far from Banbury.

The couple are reportedly looking to sell their home after complaints about loud traffic passing by.

It comes after Soho Farmhouse, which is located close by, has become extremely popular in the last couple of years, leading to an increase in cars passing their home.

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