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Protest marches have been held in all major cities in Pakistan to mark the anniversary of New Delhi stripping Muslim-majority Indian Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status. The disputed Himalayan territory has been split since 1947 between India and Pakistan. The nuclear-armed neighbours both claim the region in full and have fought wars over it.

Mr Khan said: “India stands exposed before the world, yet again, as an oppressor and aggressor.

“Its so-called secular and democratic credentials stand fully discredited.

“India’s action this time last year was a crime against humanity”.

Mr Khan led a march through Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-administered-Kashmir, before addressing the region’s legislative assembly.

Across the city, more than 2,000 people turned out at a series of anti-India protests.

Protester Arslan Ahmad, a refugee who fled Indian-administered Kashmir, said: “We ask the world to give Kashmiris their right of self-determination, otherwise we will cross the Line of Control and help our brothers on the other side with arms.”

Fellow marcher Usman Mir said: “Half of my family is under siege in Indian-occupied Kashmir, my mother is dying to meet her sister, this dispute has left our generations torn apart.”

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The Pakistan military accused Indian troops of firing a shell across the de-facto border, killing a young woman and wounding six other people.

Such exchanges are common along the Kashmir demarcation line, with shells blasted in both directions.

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