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A woman from Lancashire earns an average of £4,000 a month after taking on her Avon business full-time.

Victoria Houlston, 30, previously worked as the business manager of a chain of nurseries but was furloughed when the hit, leading her to try her hand at something completely different.

Her husband worked away mid-week, so Ms Houlston wanted a venture that would nurture her spirit while allowing her to be present for her two young children.

Ms Houlston said: “Avon has always been a huge part of my life. Ever since I could remember, I would help my Nan sort makeup samples and she was a popular door-to-door seller in our local neighbourhood.

“I developed a natural passion for beauty, and it was inspiring to see my nan working as an independent businesswoman.

“When I was furloughed, I needed a focus and never thought that Avon would be my chosen career path. I’d dabbled in Avon when I was 18, but I hadn’t realised how much it had changed over the years. I found out I could work as a ‘hybrid’ rep – selling both door-to-door as well as through social media.”

Ms Houlston added: “Avon quickly turned into a blessing, as I was made redundant from my furloughed job, which enabled me to go full-time with Avon as a self-employed business owner in September 2020.”

Four years later, Ms Houlston is now a sales leader with a team of over 600 people, an annual turnover of £1million, and earnings of £4,000 a month.

Ms Houlston said: “I earn more than when I was working as a business manager. On average, I make £4,000 a month – something I never could have imagined. It’s so rewarding to have financial independence and know I can take full care of my family.”

On top of being able to treat her family to “luxury holidays”, the flexible nature of the role has enabled Ms Houlston to spend more time with them too.

Ms Houlston said: “On a personal level, I just love the flexibility and being with my family. To be the mum I have always wanted to be, someone who is present but also able to provide for my family. It’s a dream come true.”

Additionally, managing and mentoring a team of 600 women is particularly rewarding for Ms Houlston. She said: “Seeing other women gain financial independence is a huge motivator for me – I love helping other women succeed the same way I have.

“There’s a real community spirit at Avon and that’s felt throughout the business. I feel responsible for nurturing Reps at every stage of their business journey.”

This International Women’s Day, global beauty brand Avon has released the results of its second Global Progress for Women Report, indicating a decline in how women perceive their progress to achieving gender equality.

The report, which reflects the views of 7,000 women in seven countries including the UK, repeats research commissioned in 2023 to track how much women feel progress is being made year-on-year.

The new research identifies an increase in the number of women who think stereotypes are a barrier to equal opportunity with 89 percent agreeing they remain so, up from 86 percent in 2023.

In the 2024 research, nearly a third of women (31 percent) felt prejudice from employers regarding the suitability of roles based on their gender, compared to 27 percent in 2023.

An increasing number of women also feel there are fewer options available to them when leaving school. 28 percent of women in Avon’s latest research agree that being female has negatively impacted the options that were available to them when they left school, compared to 23 precent of women who said the same last year.

Kristof Neirynck, CEO of Avon, commented: “We need to do more to create opportunities for women to contribute to the economy, participate in work and realise their potential.

“As we continue to transform the Avon business, we’re creating new ways for female entrepreneurs to embrace opportunities for economic participation and personal development. Because a better world for women is a better world for everyone.

To commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day, Avon is hosting a mini studio pop-up at the Trafford Centre, Manchester, on March 16.

Attendees will be offered a mini makeover with Avon’s Make-up + Care products and will have the opportunity to have their photos taken and displayed on screens around the venue along with their messages of positivity and empowerment.

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