‘If Only… we could live in space’, says Nikolaos Argyros of Hassell


If only… we could live in space, wonders Nikolaos Argyros, computational designer at Hassell

Words by Nikolaos Argyros, computtional designer at Hassell


If only we had the possibility to live in space, we could challenge the limits of human habitation. We could challenge what it takes to face extreme environments, remoteness and the human experience. We could challenge design that needs to follow a highly engineered mission with strict requirements, including resilience and sustainability.

If only one day we could build in space and push the boundaries of science. Circular design, human-centred design and many other technical challenges could be addressed, improved and implemented back on earth with huge benefits.

Image Credit: NAARO
Image Credit: NAARO

If only we could place ourselves out there, in a space habitat, then we can start understanding what is essential and what is inessential for our survival. We could start focusing and improving more things that matter the most, and leave out unnecessary distractions. Can you imagine yourself living out there?


Nikolaos Argyros
Nikolaos Argyros

Nikolaos Argyros is a computational designer at Hassell in London. Previously, he worked throughout Europe and the Middle East, gaining exposure on a variety of project typologies – in residential, sports stadiums, education and commercial buildings. He specialises in complex geometry and morphological exploration, integrating new design technology in digital fabrication methods and through digitisation – or the real-time visualisation of projects.

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