Ian Wright tells Alan Shearer to ‘F off’ over WhatsApp message about his grandson | Football | Sport


Another of Wright’s sons, Bradley Wright-Phillips, also had an enormously successful career, scoring plenty of goals for Southampton, Charlton and New York Red Bulls, among others. 

D’Margio revealed in March that he watches video clips of the trio in a bid to improve his own game. He also joked that he is a better finisher than his grandad. 

“I’ve watched a lot of my dad’s YouTube videos and a lot of my grandad’s YouTube videos — even my uncle — and it’s just amazing to see, because one day I would hope for my family to do that with me,” he told The Times. 

“It’s the low centre of gravity, the confidence to try and take on a player,” he said when describing similarities with Shaun. “With my grandad, I’d say I think I’ve got better finishing than him.”

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