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One woman is sharing how created her only tiny home for only £7,000 by converting an old bus into her new abode. People are saving thousands of dollars a year on mortgage repayments thanks to tiny homes.

Savers are turning to smaller real estate to adopt a more minimalist and fiscally frugal lifestyle. While the average mortgage in the US costs around $300,000 (£235,863), tiny homes are turning to cost less than $10,000 (£7,862.10) for some property owners.

Rita, a tiny home enthusiast, revealed how her miniature traveling property only cost £7,075 to create.

On the YouTube channel Tiny Home Tours, she discussed how she and her dog live in a converted 2001 Ford Shuttle Bus.

The content creator explained: “Unlike a lot of other people who live in vans, I am not a minimalist. I think it’s been really liberating to leave behind the desire or necessity to follow in this career and mortgage sort of pursuit.”

According to Rita, the bus is named Wilbur after the character from Charlotte’s Web and has all the amenities someone needs in their home.

This includes a full kitchen, with cabinets and fold-up tables, as well as a desk for her makeshift art studio. Inside the bed is also a couch which turns into a queen-size bed at night, a toiletry section and a full-sized mirror.

There is also extra closet space using reclaimed wood which houses bedsheets, lines, blankets, food and art supplies.

When it comes to cleaning, Rita uses nearby rivers and gyms she visits on her travels to bathe herself.

The tiny home property owner cited her grandfather as an inspiration for her unique lifestyle choice. He also traveled in his own van and motivated Rita to take on the minimalist lifestyle that comes with living on the road.

The young woman added: “It has shown me how capable I am and I really can do anything I want to.

“Whatever gets you out on the road fast enough so that you can adventure and see and do and experience things, don’t worry about it being pretty.”

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