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24 explained prior to the update, users entered the amount they wanted to transfer in pence, but now they need to use a decimal point to enter the value in pounds and pence.

Twitter user Paul Cardno illustrated how important this seemingly small change is.

He said: “Potentially disastrous UX change from @HSBC_UK on their mobile app. They’ve changed the way the ‘amount’ input works on transfers with no clear signal of the change. It’s highly likely people will transfer 100 times the planned amount by mistake.

“It used to be that as you typed, it started with pence. So if you type three then four it would be 0.34. If you typed 3456 it would be £34.56. No way to enter a decimal point, you just needed to type the complete value in. As of the new version, there’s no pence.

“Removing pence but showing nothing to demonstrate that the input has changed nearly had me transfer £17,016 onto my credit card, instead of £170.16. That transaction can’t be recalled. Thankfully, I didn’t have that in my current account so it declined.”

Mr Cardno warned this change may end up costing users hundreds of pounds and where large amounts would be transferred to third parties, the money “would be lost”.

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