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The business partners from Tyne and Wear set up The Chocolate Smiths after being made redundant two days before Christmas. Now nearly 10 years later they are turning over £250,000 a month and can count body coach Joe Wicks among their fans.

Amy and Steffi have come a long way since they were made redundant from a chocolate shop in Northumberland two days before Christmas in 2013.

They may have taken the brave step and decided to go it alone but little did they know how tough their journey was going to be.

Steffi Smith told Channel 4 that when they started out all they had was a microwave, a jug and enough ingredients to make 30 bars.

After making the bars in their own kitchen they then sold them from a local market stall but they soon found themselves £15,000 in the red.

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Steffi explains: “Joe Wicks bought from us last Christmas and mentioned us on his instagram stories.

“We went from 52,000 followers to 136,000 followers in the space of like 72 hours.

“We sold out of chocolate and got a ridiculous amount of orders.”

“I can’t describe how I feel. We went through so many hard, hard times and I’m in awe of it going so well.”

Speaking on Channel 4’s YouTube channel, Steffi says it’s not been easy setting up on their own but she’s glad they stuck with it.

She says the secret ingredient to a successful business is passion and as long as people have this they won’ t go far wrong.

And she adds that she will never get bored of chocolate.

Steffi concludes: “It hasn’t happened in 10 years so it’s not going to happen now.”

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