How to fix stiff towels using 40p kitchen staple – ‘my towels came out fluffy’


Promising to turn scratchy old towels into feeling fluffy once more is laundry hack professional Alaska Granny.

Posting to her YouTube channel, Alaska Granny asked: “Are your towels scratchy and rough? They’re just not soft or comfortable on your skin anymore…

“Well, I am going to show you a way you can rehabilitate your towels so they will be soft and fluffy again.”

Alaska Granny explained that towels become harsh on the skin when people put in too much detergent into their washing machine.

“The detergent gets all built up and hung up in the fibres, and so you need to get rid of that residue,” said Alaska Granny.

She added: “The other thing you need to remember is never overdry your towels; sometimes, people put them in [the tumble dryer] and leave them in there so long after they are dry.

“They have baked so long, it can damage the threads, so here’s what you want to do to rehabilitate your towels so they are soft and fluffy.”

Alaska Granny advised to only put the same coloured towels, if possible, into the washing machine.

“You don’t want the colours to run or fade,” Alaska Granny explained of her instruction.

Then taking a kitchen staple – white vinegar – you want to put in one cup of the liquid into the drum.

You can get white vinegar from Asda for as little as 13.5p per 100ml (£1.15 for a bottle of Stardrops White Vinegar Spray).

“And that’s it,” said Granny Alaska, who proceeded to add the cup of white vinegar into the drum of her washing machine on the video.

“Don’t add any detergent or anything else,” Alaska Granny clarified. “Just pour vinegar in with [the towels].”

The wash cycle should be on high and with hot water, so the longest wash cycle possible.

She said that this type of washing cycle will help to brush out all the extra detergent sticking to the towel fibres.

“Then, when you’re done,” Granny Alaska continued. “Put them in the dryer, take them out right when they’re dry (don’t overdry), and see.”

In the comments section, MarthaLewis475 wrote: ” tried this and it worked! My towels came out the fluffiest I have seen them since they were new, and they had no odour. Thank you.”

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