How to deter pigeons from gardens instantly without harm


Gardeners can find pigeons roosting in just about every open spot in , on roofs, or on balconies. These can cause a lot of mess and expensive roof damage. 

Furthermore, their faeces can pose a threat to your health and invite vermin, such as flies and rats into gardens and , leading to yet another problem.

With that in mind, Jordan Foster of Fantastic Pest Control has recommended several ways to “keep them away without hurting them”.

1. Netting 

The use of bird netting is a good option, particularly for balconies and areas that are hard to reach. 

Whether households have a large-scale problem or just a few occasional incidents, a bird netting system is an “effective way of preventing them from nesting” on high roofs.

The expert claimed that bird netting is strong and will be just as effective against seagulls and other types of larger birds. Plus, the synthetic cords can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and heat.

2. Ultrasonic bird repeller 

Another “harmless solution” is the ultrasonic device. This is a scanning technology that can identify them from a distance and “use sound waves to drive pigeons away”. The device comes in several modes that can be customised according to the season.

Jordan said: “Ultrasonic systems are perfect for areas where noise-related methods are not an option since they can be used anywhere without irritating your neighbours. 

“As long as the devices are working, pigeons will stay away from the area. It is possible for this solution to work constantly with the use of a solar-powered device.”

3. Bird spikes 

Stainless steel or plastic anti-bird spikes can be mounted horizontally to prevent birds from landing comfortably. They are said to “not cause pain or harm” to pigeons – they are merely a simple way to keep birds from building nests. 

The expert said: “This method is very effective in the battle against pigeons, and despite the appearance of the bird spikes, it’s entirely harmless.” Basically, once the spikes are correctly positioned, the birds will not have enough room to build a nest.

4. Reflective surfaces 

Jordan claimed that this is a “tried and tested method” for keeping birds away from gardens. For example, in the form of CDs or other shiny objects that reflect sunlight. 

The reflective surfaces can temporarily affect the pigeons’ eyesight and “make them stay away from your garden”.

5. Wind chimes 

Attaching a wind chime to places high up in gardens can discourage pigeons from nesting there. 

These chimes often have reflective objects on them, which prevent pigeons from landing there. 

To “prevent a pigeon infestation”, choose strategic locations, such as window sills and ledges, to discourage pigeons.

To keep pigeons away for good, food sources need to be removed as a “pigeon’s memory of food sources is excellent”. Wherever they find food, Jordan warned that they’ll “constantly return to those places”.

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