How One Tray Can Organize (Nearly) Every Room in Your Home


In our endless quest to keep our homes organized, we’re always looking for stylish ways to make our daily lives just a little bit tidier. Cue the fiberglass tray. These handy catchalls help contain loose items, display decor objects, and act as decorative platters for drinks, fruit, and other nibbles.

Any number of trays can work as a storage and serving solution, but the Schoolhouse Everyday Tray is ultra-versatile. Colorful, durable, and expertly crafted, these stackable, fiberglass trays come in five fun patterns, multiple colors, shapes and sizes, and—best of all—they’re easy on the wallet. Read on for all the ways to put the Everyday Tray to use in your home.

1. Entryway Catchall

The most obvious way to use the Everyday Tray is as an entryway catchall that’s perfect for holding keys, wallets, sunglasses, loose change, and other items as you leave or enter your home. As an alternative option, style it on your credenza, bookshelf, or a side table to keep clutter under control.

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2. Bedside Table Organizer

If you’re like us and have a bunch of bits and bobs in your bedroom, keep a small tray on your bedside table to corral items like your phone, reading glasses, jewelry, or a glass of water. The small rectangular trays are ideal on top of a dresser or side table, while the larger round trays make a great storage solution and surface for books and beverages (in our opinion, the perfect duo for a cozy night in).

Photo by Schoolhouse

3. Serving Tray

A fun way to serve up snacks, drinks, or even breakfast in bed, the rectangular Everyday Tray is the perfect little platter for sliced fruit, small bites, festive beverages, or—our personal favorite—milk and cookies.

Photo by Schoolhouse

Photo by Schoolhouse

4. Bathroom Storage Solution

A stylish storage option for small bathrooms, a small tray on your bathroom countertop (or inside a bathroom drawer) will keep toiletries, perfumes, bobby pins, and other small items organized. We also love the idea of keeping bathroom essentials out on a tray for guests to use during dinner parties or overnight stays.

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5. Coffee Table Centerpiece

An ideal interior accent for holding coasters, a vase of flowers, or candles, the Everyday Tray can become a focal point for your coffee table or ottoman. For an extra-thoughtful touch, use one to set up a simple craft station or coloring pages with crayons if you’re expecting guests with kids to come over for brunch, an at-home happy hour, or dinner party.

These handy helpers come in various sizes, styles, and colors, so choose one that complements your home. With a little creativity, the organizational possibilities of the Everyday Tray are endless.

Photo by Schoolhouse

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