How a Dishonored tattoo became a talking point of the Capitol raid


Unless you have been in hibernation, you likely heard of the events at the United States Capitol yesterday. As the 2020 President Election was being certified by Vice President Mike Pence, the Capitol building was overrun by people hoisting Trump flags. Ultimately, their mission was to prevent having the election results certified in President-elect Joe Biden’s favor.

Once they breached the Capitol building, they took over offices, stole mail, and even got into the Senate chamber. It was a wild affair to say the least. You may be wondering: Why is a gaming website covering this? Well, there were a number of photos and conspiracies revolving around a Dishonored tattoo.

For the uninitiated, Dishonored is a popular franchise published by Bethesda who you may know from titles like Fallout, Skyrim, and Doom. Dishonored puts you in the shoes of an assassin with supernatural abilities who frequently encounters a morally ambiguous entity known as The Outsider.

The Outsider can grant a special brand to individuals he finds particularly intriguing which grants them supernatural powers. During a photo-op for some of those involved with the attempted coup at the Capitol building, one man was spotted with a symbol on his hand. Very quickly, some conspiracists began suggesting that the man and his group were part of Antifa and were trying to make Trump supporters look bad, all because of his tattoo.

Some said it was an Antifa symbol, others said it was a sickle and hammer for communism. While the image was pretty blurry, it’s not hard to make out the Mark of the Outsider. Dishonored co-creator Harvey Smith even took to Twitter to debunk the theory.

Needless to say, the Mark of the Outsider is not associated with Antifa. The only thing it proves about the man in the photo is that he is a gamer.

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