House prices: Property values – add £154k to your house with DIY changes


Replacing carpets

Value Increase: 2.4 percent = £6,000

Cost: £4,000

Zopa’s index, reveals the average cost to replace your carpets in the UK is £4,000 and renewing yours could add £6,000 to your home.

Add Energy-Saving Features

Value Increase: 14 percent = £34,903

Cost: £6,380

According to a GOV.UK, based on research by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, making energy-saving improvements to your property could increase its value by 14 percent on average.

Research showed us that a new boiler installation will set you back £2000, a smart thermostat £280, new light fittings £100, secondary glazing £2500, and boarding and insulating your loft will cost £1500.

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