Horoscopes and friendship: Capricorn ‘stubborn’ but takes friendship seriously


Tis the season of mistletoe and romance. As we also approach season, read below to discover what Capricorn is like as a friend.

They may not be the “fun”, wild friend you call when you want to attend a party, but they’re always the friend you call when you want to talk on the sofa with a bottle of wine.

They like to be in bed early, so may not stay up half the night with you, but this sign knows that “they bring some pretty great gifts to the table”.

Capricorn gives a lot to their friends, but in return expects a lot, never shying away from letting their friends know when they are “disappointed” in them.

“Capricorn will not let bad behaviour go unnoticed, and will gently call out a friend who may have forgotten a birthday, complete with a reminder—like a gift of a calendar—to ensure it won’t happen again.”


Capricorn’s best friendship match is Taurus, as they make a “natural” pair.

Helping each other succeed is a huge part of this friendship, and they can often be found getting into a “routine” together and going after a shared goal.

Taurus, if you’re looking for a “marathon training” buddy, a Capricorn guy or gal is your best bet.

Beware, Capricorn and Taurus can both be “stubborn” and “unforgiving”, so arguments may prove problematic.

“However, Capricorn and Taurus also have big hearts and are willing to forgive and forget, and also laugh a bit about their mutual stubborn streak.”

Their “sibling-like” relationship can stand the test of time if they are in “constant communication” and make the effort with each other.

For those who want to make friends with Capricorn, invite them to do something fun and engaging, like a “walk, run, or hike, or accompanying you to a class or lecture”.

Once you have solidified that relationship, be prepared for lots of sentimentality; they don’t seem particularly soft-hearted, but deep down they are.

Horoscope.com said: “A Capricorn loves ritual and shared stories, and can play the ‘remember when’ game for hours.”

Hold on to Capricorn, as they will “always have your back” – even if you’re wrong.

But, be prepared for a “parental” style lecture about it afterwards.

They also remember everything, surprising you with little things that you mentioned you like, or turning up at your house with your favourite snack.

Lastly, Capricorn has your absolute best interest at heart.

They will “push you to where you want to be, even providing action plans and checklists for how to get there”.

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