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Forget heat pumps

Heat pumps have been all the rage recently as the Government announced its funding pool for green heating improvements.

But experts at Boiler Central have advised there are cheaper – and better – alternatives to going through the faff of getting one installed.

Boiler central said: “Unfortunately, not every home is suitable for heat pump installation. If you live in a flat above ground level, for example, you obviously have nowhere to dig a hole for the ground source heat pump, nor is it worth bothering to get planning permission for an air source heat pump that will last you less than a boiler.

“Furthermore, the costs of installing a ground source heat pump can rise to an eye-watering £35,000. Air source heat pumps are much cheaper to install, averaging to around £7,000, but they are entirely dependent on the outside weather, meaning you still need to use your boiler on the colder days.

“If your home and pockets are fit for installing a heat pump, especially a ground source one, it really is absolutely fantastic for the environment.
“Heat pumps also offer some certainty amid the massively fluctuating gas prices and the related energy prices over the years, decreasing one’s dependence on such a volatile market, particularly now.”

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