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Aviation regulators are considering cutting the fees Heathrow is allowed to charge airlines for using it next year and in 2026 by approximately six percent.

The Civil Aviation Authority said that it will hold a six week consultation on Heathrow’s airline levies and make a decision on what level to cap them in the summer. Last year, the CAA set them at £25.24 per passenger for 2025 and £25.28 for 2026.

The regulator said that in the interests of passengers, it wants to cut Heathrow’s airline levies for 2025 and 2026 to £23.72 and £23.70 respectively.

It believes this will balance ensuring prices are not too high for passengers, while still allowing Heathrow to generate money for maintaining and improving its facilities over time.

However, the CAA did say that it will amend its plans, depending on the consultation responses it receives.

“If the responses we receive indicate that we need to propose an approach that differs substantially from that set out in this consultation, we will re-consult before making that decision,” it said in a statement.

A Heathrow spokesperson said: “We will review the impact of the CAA’s latest proposals and respond to the consultation in due course.”

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