Hamilton: Vettel will be back in F1 one way or another


Lewis Hamilton thinks it will not be long before Sebastian Vettel is back in Formula 1, following his retirement at the end of the 2022 season.

The German announced his retirement midway through the year, completing his final race in Abu Dhabi with Aston Martin.

Speaking in an interview with Channel 4, Hamilton used the example of Nico Hulkenberg returning to F1 with Haas next season as the reason why we could see Vettel back again.

“I mean, Hulkenberg coming back!” he said. “There is this whole build up but he’ll be back in one in one way, shape or form.”

Hamilton: What other driver has really truly stood for something other than themselves?

Vettel has been engaging more in activism in the latter years of his career, with his shirts and special helmets becoming a regular feature at races.

This is something Hamilton was keen to point out as not a lot of drivers have done in the past, believing that it is something F1 will miss.

He added: “I’m really grateful and really honoured actually to have the relationship that I do with with him.

“A man that really generally stands by his word, full of integrity, generally just very, very kind and humble, and full of humility.

“But also compassion, he’s one of the only drivers that stands for something. I mean, what other driver has really truly stood for something other than themselves?

“That’s something to be really admired in human beings. We’re gonna miss him.”

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