Hamilton refuses to back down over jewellery rules


Lewis Hamilton has suggested that he has not changed his mind about refusing to remove his piercings ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The FIA have been clamping down on the issue of drivers wearing jewellery whilst driving, with the rules having been in place since 2005 but rarely policed in the past.

After the topic was first raised at the Australian Grand Prix, jewellery declarations became a formal part of the FIA scrutineering process last time out in Miami.

Hamilton had stated that he was unable to remove some of his piercings, and as such was given an exemption for the event in Miami as well as this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

This means that he would have to remove the piercings in time for the Monaco Grand Prix, but Hamilton has previously suggested that he did not intend to do so.

Hamilton hasn’t changed view on debate

When asked if he had changed his thoughts on his previous hints that he would not be getting his piercings removed by Monaco, Hamilton told media, including RacingNews365.com: “I haven’t. No news.”

Pierre Gasly has also been vocal in the debate, and recently called for “common sense” and an “open conversation” with the FIA amid the possibility of Hamilton receiving a punishment should he ignore the Monaco deadline.

In relation to this, Hamilton was quizzed on whether he had had any further discussions with the governing body on the issue, and the Mercedes driver gave his take on what he had heard in regards to the latest developments.

“I haven’t had any discussions with anybody since the last time I spoke on Sunday of the last race,” Hamilton explained.

“What I am aware of is that those who are married are allowed to wear their wedding ring.”

This prompted Hamilton’s teammate George Russell – sitting alongside him in the press conference – to jokingly comment: “You just need to get married, then.”

To which Hamilton responded: “No, you first.”

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