Hamilton outlines hopes for Canadian GP after ‘amazing’ qualifying


Lewis Hamilton has outlined the result he is hoping for from the Canadian Grand Prix after being left thrilled with his P4 qualifying result.

After a difficult start to the season, the Mercedes driver secured his best grid slot of the year in Montreal, having looked strong throughout the final Q3 session.

Hamilton – who has achieved more pole positions than any other driver in F1 history – admits that he has never been so pleased with fourth place before.

“Honestly, I feel amazing,” Hamilton told Sky Sports F1.

“[I’m] so happy! P4 has never felt so good, if I’m being honest. Maybe when I was in my first year of racing, the first year here in 2007, when I got my first P4 in qualifying.

“It felt great then, and I think this kind of feels like that, particularly because it’s been a really, really difficult year, so to go through what we’re faced with today… it’s difficult for everyone out there.

“[I’m] really so happy to be able to have us there and put us in a position, because everyone’s working so hard, and we’re constantly facing these challenges with this car.”

Hamilton explains overnight work on car

With the W13 continuing to experience issues such as bouncing, Hamilton says that there was a lot of hard work going on during the night before qualifying.

As such, the seven-time World Champion is hopeful that he can at least maintain position in Sunday’s race.

“We did a lot of work overnight [on the car],” Hamilton explained.

“We went in two different directions yesterday, just to try and get the information. George [Russell’s] way just happened to be a lot better, so the car didn’t feel that great through the session.

“I think tomorrow [we] should be in a much better position, and we have slightly different set-ups still for the race, but we’re in a great position.

“So hopefully I can try and hold position at least.”

Where did the step in performance come from?

When asked where specifically the step forward came from, Hamilton suggested that it was a combination of factors.

“With this car, you need everything and more to come together,” he said.

“I know [how] I feel like this car works. I like to think that I have rhythm, and this track and particularly in a session like that you need to have rhythm.

“I feel like this car works on a completely different beat. It doesn’t work on the normal beat, so that’s been difficult to get used to, and I think it’s just really all the hard work from everyone.

“I think the rain makes it much different. If it was dry, I don’t know whether we’d be in that position, but the rain always opens up opportunity, and I love this track.

“It’s been a struggle so far this weekend, so there’s still a lot of work to do tomorrow, but I hope all the team are feeling positive. Please continue to push. We need you, I need you, we are working as hard as we can, and I believe in them so much.

“I hope at some stage we can stop this bouncing.”

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