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Halifax is a familiar name on Britain’s high streets, with many people using the bank each year for their financial needs. However, it appears fraudsters are now exploiting the trusted name to steal personal details from unwitting Britons. Many people have reported receiving a text message alert which purports to derive directly from Halifax.

Criminals could go on to use these details to commit identity fraud, or to wipe a person’s bank account and run off with the individual’s hard-earned cash. 

A number of Britons have gone online to share their experiences with the scam purporting to be from Halifax.

Many expressed concern about the link contained within the text message and directly asked the bank for help with the matter.

One wrote: “I received a message allegedly claiming a new payee has been authorised on my account.

The issue circulating has been troubling for many Britons, forcing Halifax to issue an important alert to its customers.

A message from the company read: “We’ve seen a number of scam texts being sent to our customers.

“We’ll never send a link for you to sign in and give your personal details.

“If you get a message that looks like this, please delete it. You can also report it to 7726.”

Individuals who believe they have been targeted by a scam have been encouraged to take action.

If a person thinks they have fallen victim, they are urged to reach out to their bank at the earliest possible availability to see if a payment could be stopped, and alert the provider to potential fraud.

In addition, people may wish to reach out to Action Fraud, the national cybercrime reporting service, who could investigate the matter further.

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