‘Grandma Wong’ Waves Union Jack During Hong Kong Protests


In the midst of Hong Kong’s anti-extradition protests, a woman in her 60s – known locally as “Grandma Wong” – walked briskly into the middle of the road, placed her bag on the ground and started waving a large Union Jack. In this video from June 12, the woman is filmed near the government headquarters in Admiralty. The person who recorded the video was “taken by her courage.” She has been named as 63-year-old Alexandra Wong, known to many as Wong Po Po, or Grandma Wong, according to one Hong Kong-based reporter. Twitter user Hong Kong Hermit, who has been documenting the protests, commented on a June 11 video of Wong with a British flag being removed by police. He described her as “one of the most hardcore pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong”. The mass protests in Hong Kong this week were prompted by proposed legislation that could see suspects extradited to mainland China. Clashes between protesters and police left about 80 people injured on June 12-13. Credit: 雲飄飄 @Jessie80532857 via Storyful

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