Grand Designs: Project design deemed ‘unsafe’ from the start – will it go ahead?


Grand Designs is a property show which follows a plethora of ambitious Britons looking to build their dream homes from scratch. The show has been a long-running staple on Channel 4 with the first series airing in 1999. Tonight, Kevin will follow Energy Conservationist Andrew and former midwife Margretta who have decided to use their savings to build a self-heating home.

Due to the project’s complex construction and required data collection, it became a matter of trial and error.

The build itself involved moving earth and engineering as well as building a property structure.

The couple’s £300,000 budget was reportedly pushed to its limit and wasn’t completed before its 18-month schedule.

Kevin branded the project “nuts but clever” in a short clip of the episode.

“This is straight-line radiation. This is performing like the sun.”

Grand Designs tweeted about the episode earlier today.

They said: “Tonight’s show is not to be missed!

“Andrew and Margretta’s radical self-heating home will be the first of its kind in the UK – essentially one massive thermal experiment.”

Grand Designs airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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